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The New WACTA Newsletter

First of all, thank you for trusting me to serve WACTA as Executive Secretary. I am extremely humbled by this honor and am determined to not disappoint you.

Until last month, I was a regular member of WACTA. While having enjoyed WACTA events, I was always curious how WACTA was operated. I guess I was not the only one. I truly believe that more our members understand how we work, the more valuable feedbacks they will provide, and eventually the better we can serve them.

Everybody says communication is a two-way traffic. But to make it work that way is a different story. It has been my desire to keep an open and frequent communications with WACTA members. I also really want to hear from every WACTA member, to understand their thoughts and opinions on WACTA events and operations. I hope this monthly newsletter will serve as the start point of a very smooth communications flow.

In each month's newsletter, I will include at least the following information:
- recap of previous month's events and news.
- a forward look of WACTA events in the next couple of months.
- I would also like to share with you, maybe a tip or some information related to WACTA operation in the "Do You Know?" section.
- Other information that worth sharing

I also like our members to send me information or news that they want to share with fellow members.


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