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WACTA Social Tennis Format

Tennis is not only a sport, it is also a way to make friends. WACTA social tennis events are designed just for that purpose. During the event, each player will have the opportunity to partner with many other players of different levels. The format we are adopting is as follows:
1. At the beginning of the session, a partner will be assigned to you. This assignment is done in a random fashion.
2. You and your partner will be assigned to a court, where you will meet your opponents. Again, this assignment is randomly done.
3. You will have about 15 minutes to mingle with the other three players (your partner and your opponents) on the court and hit some balls to warm up.
4. You and your partner play a 10-point tiebreak against your opponents. (If you don’t know what a 10-point tiebreak is, don’t worry. We will explain it to you. It’s just a simple scoring mechanism which you will master within 5 minutes).
5. If you win, you move up to the next higher court (for example, if you are on court #3, and win the tiebreak, you will move to court #2). Similarly, if you lose, you move to the next lower court (court #4 in our example).
6. Now here is the tricky part. Once you get onto the next (lower or higher) court, you and your partner need to be on different side of the net. In another word, you are now opponents instead of partners. The other pair who move to your court will do the same and hence new partnerships are formed.
7. Repeat Step 4 through Step 6.

We may also arrange some fun team competitions in the last hour of each session.

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