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How do I login?
You login ID is your email address previously registered in WACTA and your password is the same as in wacta.org site. If you don't remember any of the information, please email support@wacta.org.

How do I login without an email address?
For those WACTA accounts (especially children accounts), your login ID is <WACTA children account ID>@wactat.org while the password is the same as the member password in wacta.org site. e.g. 9999-03@wacta.org.

How do I create a new account?
Click on 'Create new account' link on the upper right corner of the main page, enter user information. Once submit request, WACTA administrator will be notified to approve. Once account approved, you will get confirmation email with a one-time use password. You are required to pay membership fee to become an active member in order to join any WACTA member-only events.

What do I need to do if I forget my password?
Click on 'Login' link on the upper right corner of the main page, then click on 'Request New Password' tab. An one-time use password will be generated and sent to you email address. If your email address has changed, or you have never had an email address, please email support@wacta.org.

How do I update my family information?
Your family members are linked by the WACTA ID. If you need to make any changes to child/spouse account, please login into the family user account (e.g. 9999-03@wacta.org) with the same password as the member. If you need to add a new family member, please create a new account, then email support@wacta.org to link family member to your account. If you need to unlink any spouse/child accounts, please email support@wacta.org also. Sorry for the inconvenience as we are still constructing this functionality.

What benefits are there to login?
Once login, you will be able to:

  • Update your personal information online
  • View your family members
  • Search Members
  • View WACTA event photos
  • View WACTA event registered applicants
  • etc.

    Where do I send comments or report problems?
    Please send email to support@wacta.org

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